Processing Plant

Ocean Fishery Pakistan

Main Processing Plant

Fish processing involves a highly technical and labor-intensive procedure, supported by cutting-edge processing machinery and skilled personnel within the processing plant. The processing units are meticulously temperature-controlled, ensuring optimal conditions to maintain fish freshness while facilitating hygienic and efficient work practices for the labor force. Throughout the entire process, which spans from the arrival of the catch to the final finishing procedures, strict monitoring is upheld, with hygiene and safety serving as paramount principles integrated into standard operating procedures (SOP). Upon arrival at the processing unit, the catch undergoes scrutiny by the quality control department. Following inspection, washing, and grading, the fish is promptly frozen at -40°C using state-of-the-art contact and blast freezers. Subsequently, the frozen product is meticulously packed and stored at -18°C. The processing methodology is intricate and varies according to the specific category of fish being processed.